Graber Wood Plantation Shutters

This job of Graber Wood Plantation Shutters has been an ongoing multi-phase project in Staunton, VA. This was an older home with a very shallow window depth, necessitating an outside mounted installation. The trim in this house has a nice flat area on the casing that almost perfectly accommodated a narrow colonial-style L frame. We were able to achieve a very close fit on this flat area, making the new plantation shutter frame appear to stack into the existing trim.

The Bay window was a bit more custom. While pre-fabricated framework is available in Graber’s plantation shutter options for such applications, the way the outside edges of the bay window squared off needed a custom post to accommodate it. We used traditional bay posts on the inside corners and we ordered a traditional corner post for the outside corners, which we cut in half to create the needed post. We then capped them with wooden stop molding to create the finished edge. It all turned out quite clean and looks great.

This project features Graber Wood Plantation Shutters. These shutters have a 2-1/2 inch louver, hidden tilt, and a center divider rail. They use a Narrow Colonial L Frame, which is available only in real wood shutters.


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