Graber Composite Shutters

Graber Composite Shutters installed in Barboursville, VA

Plantation shutters are a very popular option today. Many windows are not suitable for a direct mount into the existing window trim due to issues with how square they are framed. We have quite a bit of experience straightening out the windows as we work, as demonstrated by this install.

This was a two-phase project. The first phase ran into some issues with the manufacturer sizing the panels slightly too large, but we managed to draw the trim work open wider to accommodate and ended up with very good results. The homeowner was so happy we did a second phase to complete most of the house.

This was Phase 1. These are 3-1/2 inch louvers in Graber Composite wood shutters. We are using two Left/Right swing sections with a floating T-Post in the center. These panels feature a hidden tilt mechanism on the back of the panel and the center divider rail, which provides stability for the larger panels and also allows the top and bottom sections of each panel to open and close independently.

This is Phase 2 of the project. This time, we straightened some out of square window frames and made adjustments to the panel sizes before ordering. This allowed the second set of shutters to install much more smoothly. These windows were only 2 inches deep so clearance behind the panels was very tight. They are completely operational though and turned out quite well.


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