Graber Cellular Shades

This is a job we recently completed in Charlottesville, VA using a variety of Graber Cellular Shades.

Products used on this job include:

  • Elegant Neutrals Cloud White 0810 in a 3/4 in. single cell.
  • Elegant Neutrals Light Waves 0834 in a 3/4 in. single cell.
  • Facets Café 2562 in a 3/4 in. single cell.
  • Garden Retreat Poppyseed 0789 ina  3/4 in. single cell.

We feel the black trim works well with both the neutral colors selections and the dark color selections, which add a bold pop to a modern room.

Please call, visit our showroom, or contact us online to set up a free consultation with our in home specialist.


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