These are a few of the projects we have done.

Happy Floors Ceramic

Stables Renovation

This is an upscale renovation job we have recently completed. Happy Floors Ceramic Impressions Engineered Hardwood Shaw Carpet

Graber Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades Charlottesville VA

Graber Cellular Shades This is a job we recently completed in Charlottesville, VA using a variety of Graber Cellular Shades. Products used on this job include: Elegant Neutrals Cloud White 0810 in a 3/4 in. single cell. Elegant Neutrals Light Waves 0834 in a 3/4 in. single cell. Facets CafĂ© […]

Graber Composite Shutters

Graber Composite Shutters – Barboursville VA

Graber Composite Shutters Graber Composite Shutters installed in Barboursville, VA Plantation shutters are a very popular option today. Many windows are not suitable for a direct mount into the existing window trim due to issues with how square they are framed. We have quite a bit of experience straightening out […]

Graber Wood Shutters

Graber Wood Shutters in Staunton VA

Graber Wood Shutters This is an installation of Graber Wood Shutters we recently completed in Staunton, VA. This was another job mounted directly inside the window opening. These are always tricky as windows are seldom framed squarely. The builder helped us out by straightening the worst parts of the trim […]

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood Plantation Shutters – Staunton VA

Graber Wood Plantation Shutters This job of Graber Wood Plantation Shutters has been an ongoing multi-phase project in Staunton, VA. This was an older home with a very shallow window depth, necessitating an outside mounted installation. The trim in this house has a nice flat area on the casing that […]

Wood Plantation Shutter

Wood Plantation Shutters – Montebello VA

Wood Blinds and Wood Plantation Shutters This job features wood blinds and wood plantation shutters at a cabin in Montebello near Crab Tree Falls, Virginia. This combination of products was chosen to compliment the existing woodwork while providing a middle ground between cost and appearance. The bedrooms were done in […]

A Residential Shower 2 (click here to view)

This is a set of finished photos of a residential shower installation.

The Berkeley House (click here to view)

The project portfolio contains photos and information on renovations of The Berkeley House, a historic property in Staunton, VA.

A Residential Shower (click here to view)

This set of photos was taken after we finished our tile installation. The glass and trim work has not yet been completed by other tradesmen.

Marquis Memorial Church (click here to view)

This is a ceramic job we did for a local church.

A Residential Bathroom (click here to view)

This is a ceramic, glass, and stone job in a local residence.


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