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How do you improve on Perfection? Make it GREEN with ZERO VOCS!

Davis Paint’s Classic Perfection is now ECO-GREEN with ZERO VOCs.

Perfection Green still has super scrubbable ceramic technology along with MICROBAN Antimicrobial Product Protection and very low odor.

Perfection Green is the perfect blend of durability and earth-friendly paint in one excellent product. Perfection Green is available in three finishes: Matte, Eggshell, Semi-gloss, and a Primer.

The Green Butterfly on the label signifies Davis Paint is doing their part to protect our planet and the air we all breathe.

Product Information:
Davis Paint Website
Microban Website

Perfection Green is a ZERO VOC Acrylic paint with the following key benefits.

Ceramic Microspheres: These spheres replace a lot of the clay component in traditional paints. These spheres do not absorb stains like regular clay and they do not break as easily when washing. This means that your finish will be less prone to collecting dirt and stains and when you need to wash your walls there is less chance for the finish to burnish (gloss up) when scrubbing.

Microban: Microban is an antimicrobial agent used in a huge variety of products. Microban sterilizes spores and microbes that land on any surface treated with it. This means that mold, mildew, bacteria, etc. cannot reproduce and therefore cannot spread and grow on the treated surface. Microban is also one of the longer lasting antimicrobial agents available. The protection remains active for the life of the paint film. Each time you wash down your wall the microscopic layers of paint on the surface will be rubbed away, releasing fresh Microban to the surface.  Traditional antimicrobial additives last 3-5 years at the most.

Come in and support local business by purchasing Davis Paint for your home. Davis paint is proudly made right here in Virginia!



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