Abatron Wood Restoration

Abatron Wood Restoration products are available!

The Abatron Wood Restoration system is designed to repair and restore old wood surfaces in lieu of replacing them. This can be a very important factor in the restoration of historic structures. The Abatron Wood Restoration system is composed of two primary parts.

The first is LiquidWood, a two part epoxy resin that will penetrate deep into rotted spongy wood and restore its structural integrity to a state stronger than when it was new. LiquidWood restored fibers can be shaped very much like the original wood. LiquidWood also serves as a primer for WoodEpox when larger areas of material need to be replaced.

WoodEpox is a two part epoxy paste designed to fill larger voids in material that has been primed with LiquidWood. WoodEpox provides a strong hard surface than can be shaped to match the existing wood structure.

Both of these products are low odor and Zero VOC. These products are widely specified and used by government agencies, museums, and restoration professionals. Please take a moment to view the following video for a look at the capabilities of the Abatron Wood Restoration system.


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