Make your old stairs new again with StareCasing!

StareCasingHow can StareCasing help you? Is your existing set of stairs showing a lot of wear and tear? Do you currently have carpeted stairs but have always wanted hardwood stairs? Do you have a set of basic builder grade stairs that you’d love to see transformed into a beautiful hardwood staircase? Now with the StareCasing system you can turn any of these situations into the stairs you’ve always wanted without the time and expense of completely rebuilding your staircase. Let’s take a look at what the system involves.

StareCasing is a hardwood overlay system that encases your current set of stairs in a prefinished or custom matched hardwood shell. With this system you can transform your existing stairs into a set of real hardwood stairs in as little as a day and at a fraction of what it would cost to rebuild the stairs using solid hardwood treads.

CloseupTake a look at the photo on the right. You can clearly see how a thick layer of real hardwood will be adhered to your existing set of steps. The treads and risers glue into place with a high quality urethane adhesive to ensure they are as sound as your original steps were. There is no sanding or finishing required for any of the prefinished colors, allowing for a one day transformation with a minimal amount of disruption. StareCasing also offers unfinished treads and risers so you can custom match the color of your floors before installation of the treads. Squeaks in the existing set of steps can also be fixed before installation of the new shell, effectively eliminating irritating noises you may have dealt with for years.

Come in and see the StareCasing system in person. We’ll be happy to assist you in transforming your stairs starting with a free estimate.

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